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Sunday, January 4, 2015

How the Military Fails U.S. Veterans


 Show me a wartime US veteran who doesn't agree with Col. Wilkerson and I'll show you a pansy. Senators McCain and Graham are two that come to mind.

 Larry Wilkerson, in 1966, while he was studying philosophy and literature, joined the Army and volunteered to go to Vietnam. The same man who believed in the American narrative enough to put his life on the line in Asia 40, 50 years later is one of the harsher critics of US foreign policy.


Lawrence Wilkerson
is a retired United States Army soldier and former chief of staff to
United States Secretary of State Colin Powell. Wilkerson is an adjunct
professor at the College of William & Mary where he teaches courses
on US national security. He also instructs a senior seminar in the
Honors Department at the George Washington University entitled "National
Security Decision Making."

Full transcript of this viewing can be found:  How the Military Fails U.S. Veterans