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Thursday, January 8, 2015

The "War on Terror" is a Fraud: The NYPD shooting story makes no sense

As for us....we are of the growing belief that it was contrived for the purpose of the NY policeman's labor union (FOP) to get a federal law passed declaring it a "Hate Crime" to harm a policeman:
Fraternal Order of Police lobbies for new federal hate crime law

Not only is federal government decreeing what is law for our local police un-Constitutional, but even all the existing federal 'hate crimes' passed down should be nullified as unlawful by every state under the federal boot. The FOP isn't an isolated example of special interest labor unions feeding off the federal teat. Check 'em out for yourself.

As if that kick in the cojones isn't enough for the taxpayer, the FOP "lodges" are sheltered as non-profits under the IRS - - which means those taxes that might normally be paid by a privileged tax shelter are picked up by the American taxpayer. Here's a snapshot below of Philadelphia which has over $6 million just by itself.

As the taxpaying citizen you really have no political control over your respective local police. They know full well whose lap in which they rest: police loyalties with few exceptions are bought, but paid for by you, as they are the gatekeepers, the protectors of the ruling political authorities. Your safety is way down on the list.
Our active national military is also  retained to ensure the safety of the ruling elite and their collaborators. Safety from whom, you might ask. From you, of course.

From our search results there are upwards of over 1,000 of these taxpayer-sponsored 'fraternal' lodges. ( Your search for fraternal order of police produced 1,966 results.Viewing 1 - 25 of 1,000 results)

Are you going to believe your own eyes?

So many things stink about this story:

1. The timing is too perfect. Just as the protests against police violence in the US were reaching critical mass, two police are assassinated for supposedly political reasons.

2. The story makes little sense: He shot his girlfriend in Maryland and then travels all the way to Brooklyn to randomly kill cops?

3. Read His Tweet Threatening The Police. He Wrote Everything Like This Capitalizing Every Tweet. Who Writes Like That?

4. The police who were shot were part of an active anti-terrorist drill taking place in that neighborhood at the time they were shot!!!!

5. The area was crawling with police before the shooting as close as 50 feet away from where it happened.

6. Where is the broken glass around the car? It's winter in NYC. It's freezing. No one leaves their car window open in this weather for any reason. There should have been broken glass everywhere.

 7. The "CPR" that was administered was applied to the victim's legs!!!!! And there was no blood left where he was laying. 
While we are on the subject of timing...

The "convenient" timing of the Paris operation:

1. French president had lowest ratings of any president since measurements were made

2. Obama administration witch hunt against journalists was creating widespread outrage (see James Risen case)

3. French don't tolerate Homeland Security-type bullshit

4. The Oil Warriors always need a reason to create fear and hatred of Moslems

Can a politician who is on his way out be convinced to "go along" with a terrorist event to save his skin? is the widespread outrage by journalists and others against the White House enough to stage an event that makes Obama look like a hero?

Remember, these are people who will rain drone missiles down on a wedding party to kill one person and sit back while Israel savages a civilian population in Gaza.

This kind of chicanery would be will within the range of their monstrousness.

This is commentary on the Paris shooting. Unfortunately, the video was taken down by YouTube.

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