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Friday, September 19, 2014

Proof of US Meddling & PAYING Ukranians $100/daily to 'Revolt'

How our tax money goes to pay for overthrowing other regimes by death. Regimes that are of absolutely no threat to America.

There exist several secret conduits by which Washington can funnel money clandestinely to foment unrest overseas. ESF is the proven method by the CIA, the NED is the congressional vehicle for money transfer for disrupting over country's affairs, and, of course, USAID, lately in the forum discussions. The answer to 'where does the money go' after it leaves the taxpayer's pocket is amongst one or more of those three agencies.

From a longtime trusted subscriber:
Rcvd & posted: 09.19.14

"Been meaning to write to you.  My wife is from the former USSR and she talked with her mom the other day.  Evidently a woman from the village where my wife grew up invited their daughter and her husband/family to come live with them in their republic/country outside of Ukraine about a month ago. 

There is no fighting in the woman's village but her daughter lives in  _[censored]_  eastern Ukraine and there had been constant shelling and shooting which has made the daughter very scared/worried for herself and family.

Daughter and her husband/family moved to the mother's and the mother got her son in law a job in a near by city doing construction for $120/month but she let them live in her house for free and help provide them with food, etc..  After a few weeks the husband said they were moving back to Ukraine saying "The American government paid me $100 a day to revolt in Kiev square to oust Yanoukovich, why would I work here for $120/month".  He then proceeded to say that "I've been told that the American's are going to be paying again soon for more protests in Kiev and I would rather go there and get paid to protest than work here and get next to nothing".

It just so happened that a new round of protests and fires started in Kiev this week.  Thought you might like to hear that story."